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In a nutshell, I can help you with your creative media needs. If you're wondering if I can help you, just ask! I'd love to talk to you about your project and what I can do for you.

graphic & product design

Logos • Web Graphics • T-shirts • Flyers • Posters • Business Cards • Post Cards • Christmas Cards • Baby Announcements • Wedding Invitations • Birthday Cards • Ads • Banners • Packaging CD Cover • Catalogs • Magazines • Books • Letterhead • Envelopes • Sales Tags • PowerPoint Templates & Presentations • Newsletters • Raffle Tickets • Reports • Leaflets • Twitter Backgrounds • Facebook Cover Images • Bookmarks • Menus • Door Hangers • Rack Cards • Car Magnets • Magnets • Note Pads • Stationery • Lawn Signs • Banners • Buttons • Blad Books • Mugs • Stickers • Press Kits • Trade Show Displays • Video Graphics • Tattoos • Much More!

web design

I've taken myself out of the whole HTML/coding way of building websites, and now I focus more designing sites that are far more user-friendly to the client. I want my time to be focused on using the right host for you and creating the best overall design. The types of sites I enjoy building are family, weddings, causes, small business, your work portfolio, new baby, etc.

book publishing, design & formatting/layout


If you are looking to publish a book, journal or calendar, I can help you with any of the steps from ideation to publishing. 


Cover design • Interior Layout & Formatting • Text Writing • Image Editing • Self-Publishing • Finding a Printer • Distribution Options • Preparing Files for Print




If you have any projects that you need my help with, let's discuss!

photo/video editing


Photo Touch-Up • Photo Alteration • Image Crop • Color Changes • Remove Blemishes • Remove Background • Add Text • Collages • Reduce/Change Image Size • MORE!


Video Trimming • Add Menu • Add Audio • Crop • YouTube Upload • Add Filters • Add Text • Merge Videos • Video Creation from Photos (Photo Montage) • MORE!


virtual staging


WHAT IS IT? Virtual Staging is the art of digitally and realistically adding or changing the decor and furniture of rooms in your home.

For Realtors - Virtual Staging provides an inexpensive way to show the potential of a vacant space or de-clutter or replace an already furnished space, which will help sell your listing faster and for more money. Forget all the time, money and effort of actually staging your rooms with furniture and decor and use this inexpensive and limitless method to show potential buyers how great the space is. Stand out from other realtors by offering this service to your clients.

For Homeowners - Virtual Staging can help you plan for a remodeling project in your home. Whether it is simply changing the paint color on your walls, changing the flooring, or doing a complete overhaul to a space - digitally making the changes first can save you a lot of time and headaches or open up possibilities you didn't even consider.

For Others - Virtual Staging is a fantastic option for all sorts of professionals. Landscapers can provide virtually staged images of a yard, Interior Decorators can visually share their vision, Big Event Venues (weddings, bah mitzvahs, company Christmas parties, etc.) can show how their space can be decorated to suit an event, Product Developers and Retailers can visually explain the layout of the store or endcap... the possibilities are really endless.

doodle illustration

Yes, Doodles! It's the only style of drawing that I enjoy to do. I recently started adding color and fine-tuning the doodles on my computer and have used them for journal covers and more. If you have an idea for something you could use this style of drawing for, let's do it!

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